Offering inspiration, education, and networking for dairy farmers in all types of production, the Pennsylvania Dairy Summit is nationally recognized as one of the best conferences for dairy professionals.

The 2022 Dairy Summit featured several keynote speakers and breakout sessions that covered herd, farm, and financial management topics as well as broad industry issues so there is something for everyone on dairy operation teams. Stay tuned for details on the 2023 program!



Meet the Keynote Speakers:

Reaching for the Gold: An Inspiring Story From U.S. Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre

About Elle: Inspiring the theme for the 2022 Dairy Summit, Elle grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont and is a professional track and field athlete for New Balance. She lives and trains in Boston and Vermont, and she is a 2020 Olympic Finalist (1500m; 10th place), 2020 Olympic Trials Champion (1500m), American Record Holder (Indoor Mile & Two Mile), and 2019 World Championship Finalist (5,000m).

What to expect: During a live, one-on-one interview with Elle, she will share her journey from dairy farmer to U.S. Olympian, how her experience growing up on the farm has impacted her athletic career, and why she is using her newfound platform to educate consumers on the dairy industry.
What’s Next for Milk Pricing: FMMO Reform with Dr. Marin Bozic

About Dr. Bozic: Dr. Bozic is Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Bozic’s research program covers dairy markets and policy and livestock risk management. He is also the founder and CEO of Bozic LLC, a global provider of technology solutions for commodity markets analytics and risk management with close to 100 clients on four continents.

What to expect: Dr. Bozic plans to have an honest conversation about how the current federal order system is built around a declining category – fluid milk sales – without taking into account increasing categories such as export markets. He will share research and ideas for FMMO reform and what the next 10 years might look like in the dairy industry. 

Click here to access the slides from his presentation.
Growing With Multiple Enterprises: Producer Showcase with Dale and Clay Hemminger

About the Hemmingers: The Hemmingers are second and third generation owners and operators of Hemdale Farms Dairy and Greenhouses in Seneca Castle, New York. Today the third generation at Hemdale Farms leads a dedicated, high-energy team running a multi-enterprise operation. This includes a high-production 1,500 cow, 100% robotic dairy and growing quality forages, grain and vegetables. They also own and operate a greenhouse facility that grows plug plants for their farm and 20 other vegetable farms.

What to expect: During the Producer Showcase, the Hemminger family will share their insights and model for success as they manage multiple enterprises and a generational family business.

Click here to access the slides from their presentation.
Defining Culture and Investing in People: A Family Business Showcase with Herr’s Potato Chips

About Ed: Ed Herr, Chairman and CEO of Herr’s Potato Chips, grew up working in his family’s snack food business. The son of the Company’s founders – the late James S. and Miriam (Hershey) Herr – he learned the importance of hard work and valuing people at a very early age. As Chairman and CEO of Herr Foods Incorporated, Herr focuses his time on strategy, vision casting, and culture, and is committed to upholding the Herr family tradition of offering customers the very best products and service in the industry. With over 1,500 employees throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Herr seeks to steadily grow the family business while remaining true to the company’s founding principles.

What to expect: Herr will share how he is building a culture that cultivates a spirit of collaboration and appreciation for every individual on the team.

Breakout Sessions:

Herd Management

Controlling Feed Costs in Today’s Market with Walt Moore, Jared Kurtz and Rainey Rosemond
With overall feed costs representing anywhere from 35 to 70 percent of the total costs on a dairy farm, this panel discussion will feature two dairy producers who will share their go-to strategies for managing feed costs and maintaining forage quality in the midst of record-high grain prices. Click here to access the slides from their presentations: Jared, Walt, and Rainey.

Evolution of Beef in the Dairy Herd with Dr. Tara Felix and Dr. Chad Dechow 
Ensuring improved herd genetics and good quality beef offspring takes a well-thought-out strategy, but strategies are evolving every day. This session will provide insight on how beef can help you achieve your performance goals. Click here to access the slides from their presentations: Dr. Felix and Dr. Dechow.

Integrating Robotic Milking Systems with Dale and Clay Hemminger, Matt Brake, and Dan McFarland 
This panel discussion will feature multiple dairy producers who have successfully integrated robotic milking systems on their operations. They will evaluate the pros and cons of robotics, how the systems are helping drive milk production, and lessons learned after integrating this technology into their operations. Click here to access the slides from their presentations: Dale and Clay, Matt, and Dan.

Farm Management
Protecting Yourself from Animal Activism with Casey Kinler, Brook Duer and State Police Master Trooper Kelly Osborne-Filson.
When it comes to animal activism, being proactive instead of reactive can help you protect your operation. This session will dive into steps you can take to protect yourself from activists, including understanding privacy laws, taking security measures, holding employee trainings, maintaining facilities, being vigilant online, and more. Click here to access the slides from their presentations: Casey and Brook.
Who Will Own This When I’m Gone?: Generational Leadership with Josh Keefer
When working with family and multiple generations on the farm, unresolved conflicts, resistance to change and other communication barriers can all contribute to poor business performance. This session will offer strategies for motivating leaders of all ages and share how working together to embrace both youth and wisdom can benefit your operation. Click here to access the slides from his presentation.

Improving Production and Crop Yields With In-Furrow Technologies with Jonathon Rotz
The in-furrow market is growing, and some say it is one of the fastest-growing trends in agriculture. This session will give you an understanding of how in-furrow technologies can protect the seed at a critical stage in the growth cycle and the potential impacts on soybean and corn crops. Click here to access the slides from his presentation.

Financial Management 
Breaking Down Hedging and Risk Management with Jacob Thompson, Zach Myers, and Katie Burgess
A reliable risk management strategy can lead to a more consistent milk price with less volatility compared to relying on market prices alone. This panel discussion will feature three risk management professionals who will share updates on hedging and risk management. Click here to access the slides from their presentation: Jacob, Zach, and Katie.
Predicting 2022 Dairy Markets with Matt Gould
Predicting milk prices and dairy markets is never 100 percent accurate, but looking ahead can help you identify trends and plan your risk management strategy. This session will look at the upcoming year and analyze potential demand for domestic and international markets, expectations for exports, milk supply and contributing factors, and more. Click here to access the slides from his presentation.
Benchmarking to Bolster Your Bottom Line with Doug Harbach and Jason Karszes
Benchmarking can help dairy producers avoid financial risk. This panel discussion will include several dairy producers who will share how benchmarking has helped them achieve their unique goals and bolstered their bottom line. Click here to access the slides from their presentation.
Broad Industry
Investigating Consumer Trends with Kristiana Alexander and Dr. John Stanton
Consumer trends are constantly changing, especially as work and family life have evolved throughout the pandemic. This session will provide data and insight on current consumer trends and how they might shape the direction of the dairy industry. Click here to access the slides from his presentation: Dr. John Stanton.
Maintaining High Standards With Biosecurity Plans with Miquela Hanselman
Maintaining high standards when it comes to animal care, workplace settings, and environmental and antibiotic stewardship can help operations be prepared if crisis strikes and demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to consumers. This session will share ways you can develop a biosecurity plan and maintain these high standards. Click here to access the slides from her presentation.

Navigating the Logistics Nightmare with Eric Boyle and Rick Wadhams
Transporting milk and getting it on the shelves is something that happens 24/7, 365 days a year. When unexpected events occur or the supply chain gets disrupted, freight and trucking logistics are more important than ever. This panel discussion will feature industry professionals from various companies who will analyze how these freight logistics impact the dairy industry and the process of getting essential supplies and equipment to farms. Click here to access the slides from their presentation: Eric and Rick.


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